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2 years ago

How to Make Greek Yogurt at home

Just bought this machine. It makes perfect greek yogurt everytime
2 years ago

Grapefruit and White Beets with Yogurt and Tarragon

Rather than fussily cutting the grapefruit into neat segments, chef Ignacio Mattos cuts them crosswise into disks; he likes the slightly bitter flavor of the membrane itself.
2 years ago

Its Easy to Cook with Yogurt

A few days ago in the recipe I pintxo Moorish chicken with homemade yogurt sauce and cheese, fer-de-bsas I wonder what exactly the Greek Yogurt.

The truth is that the answer is very simple. In principle, and even Greek yogurt is made anywhere in the world, the original recipe is from Greece, so it is named yogurt. And we explain that Greek yogurt is different from a normal yogurt.

Greek the final texture of yogurt is much creamier than a normal that is more like a curd creamy texture. The reason is that the development of Greek yogurt is made with a hand cream. Otherwise to work it the same as any other yogurt is used. Is that creaminess making it very useful for making sauces. The touch becomes acid as in the rest of yoghurt